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1. Language version error !

System language error, please switch the system language to the region where China is located.

2. System version error !

OS version error, please use Win10 1903- Win10 22H2 version.

3. The program is already running !

The software is already running. Please do not open it repeatedly.

4. Uninstalling windows antivirus drivers !

Please uninstall the antivirus software driver. There are three specific solutions as follows.

1-> Solution1










2->Solution2 (360 Security Guard)






































5. Unable to communicate !

Please restart the router, or use VPN as the local network cannot connect to the external network.

6. Internet Connect Fail !





Please synchronize your computer time with your country's time.

7. Detection Patch Found !!!.....




There are scanning or intrusion drivers present inside the computer The specific operation method is as follows。




​Delete files according to the directory prompted by the image If unable to delete, please perform 360 Power Delete and then restart the computer.

8. Unkonw Software!




u started STEAM or other sensitive programs when opening software on your computer. Please try to close it。

9. Socket init Fail...! need restart pc!!!





说明你的网络连接国外不够通畅,你这时可以重启电脑并打开奇游加速器搜索到KAKAO加速页面 找到V38065或V38062节点进行加速后再打开软件


OS DownLoad:




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