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Official Selling Price  : 1000CNY  / month   |  139USDT / month

Reward system:

Recommended person reward:  (can be accumulated).

The customer recommends a customer, and one person will receive a complimentary 6-day subscription reward.

Dealer purchase reward: (does not enjoy referral rewards and does not overlap)
5 complimentary sheets with a unit price of approximately 833CNY/116USDT
12 complimentary 3 sheets with a unit price of approximately 800CNY/112USDT
30 sheets for free, 10 sheets for a unit price of approximately 750CNY/105USDT
50 sheets for free, 20 sheets for a unit price of approximately 715CNY/99USDT

Prohibitions related:

Attempt to crack and analyze, permanently ban without reason Cannot be removed!

The following services can be submitted on the official website. Or submit on the official TG channel. (Proof of purchase required)

Apply for freeze:

Only once a month, automatically thawed after 10 days of freezing. Renewal adds one freeze.

Apply for unbinding:

Free unbinding can be applied for if there is no remote location or special circumstances. In remote locations, the unbinding fee needs to be renewed.

Problem feedback/after-sales issues:

Submit account email to the official website for feedback/or add TG: @ idksdm/@ See9u


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